This time they are searching for the long lost Templar treasure ...

    In the third book of in The 8th Mayan Prophecy series, brothers Nick Jensen and Terry Warrington – twins separated at birth – find themselves clashing with one another in an embittered rivalry. As their teenage pranks escalate they turn potentially deadly, much to the delight of Alastor Thanatos, the diabolical leader of the World Council and the man who set the twins conflict in motion. But did he go too far?

    As the countdown to the revelation of the one spoken of in the prophecy approaches, Nick and his friends – Grace, AJ, Maddy and Anthony, embark on another quest. This time they are searching for the long lost Templar treasure buried somewhere in North America by Templar Knight and explorer Sir Henry Sinclair and his men in 1398 – a treasure that is said to be the source of the Templar’s rise to unrestrained power and enormous wealth.

    When Terry joins their group the teenagers have to determine if he is there to help or is he in it for personal gain? Their search takes them from Minnesota to the east coast of America and on to Scotland as they follow clues left by Sinclair that were passed down by his relatives for centuries, including the cryptic message: It is buried in new ground, not found, on an island, not an island, in a place where things grow but shouldn’t.

    But they soon find that someone else has been searching for the Templar treasure for decades – Alastor Thanatos. A treasure he is so desperate to obtain he’s willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. As they race against time – and each other – the teenagers and Thanatos’ goons cross paths and face off in a fatal encounter.

    Can the teenagers unravel Sinclair’s message and find where the treasure is buried and retrieve it before Thanatos does? And if they find it, what dark, powerful secrets might it hold? And who will be the person spoken of in the 8th Mayan Prophecy?

    Fire Keepers

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    Who is “The One” spoken of in the ancient Mayan prophecy?

    As the 8th Mayan Prophecy unfolds, Nick Jensen and his best friends, Grace Walker and AJ Janikowski, are asked to find a potion to control Nick’s twin brother Terry’s bipolar disorder. But when they succeed, will it come with a price?

    Alerted to their accomplishment, Tristan Warrington, the Tepal, coerces them to take on a second, much more dangerous mission – one that has led to dire consequences over thousands of years to anyone who has sought what Warrington desires.

    An unexpected ally – Alastor Thanatos, the head of the World Council and Warrington’s sworn enemy – comes to their aid. Nick, Grace and AJ suddenly find themselves caught in the middle of an international power struggle as Warrington and Thanatos try to determine who is “The One” spoken of in the ancient Mayan prophecy.

    With encouragement from Thanatos and a seer named Blind Sal, Grace embarks on her own quest to uncover her family’s long lost, mysterious legacy. Her pursuit leads her back to the last days of the ancient Mayan civilization where she learns much more than she ever cared to know.

    As they unravel the clues and events converge in their most dangerous mission to date, will what they find lead them to the same unfortunate end as those who traveled this road before them?

    Wind Walkers

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  • The 8th Mayan Prophecy

    Seven Mayan prophecies have already come to pass ...

    Dec. 21, 2012, marked the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar. Some believed it also signaled the end of the world. However, Nick Jensen, a nerdy but adventurous teenager, soon learns the incredible true story behind the ancient Mayan prophecies.

    On his 13th birthday he wakes to find his world has changed. He is inexplicably able to see into the near future. And when the beautiful girl from down the street falls through the ice of the neighborhood pond under suspicious circumstances, he morphs from his human form into a water mammal and saves her.

    Nick and the girl, Grace, become fast friends over their many shared interests, especially Grace’s Mayan heritage. Spurred by Nick’s ability to translate one of Grace’s Mayan tablets, Nick, Grace and Nick’s best friend, AJ, embark on a quest to uncover the reasons behind his mysterious, newfound powers. Their journey takes them from Wisconsin to the ancient Mayan World and the Sacred World Tree -- the gateway that leads them to Minoan Crete, the First Civilization and a race of giants who roamed the world spreading their advanced technology to distant lands such as Scandinavia, China, the Mediterranean and Mesoamerica.

    The teenagers discover that seven Mayan prophecies have already come to pass. As they gradually unravel the 8th Mayan prophecy, they realize their survival depends on their ability to comprehend its meaning. The World Council—and its ruthless leader, the Tepal, who has studied the Mayan prophecies for decades—has been eagerly awaiting the date when the new prophecy will begin to unfold. The Tepal believes he alone has unlocked the secret of the new prophecy, and sends his henchman to shadow Nick to determine if the teen is the one spoken of in The 8th Mayan Prophecy. Or does it speak of another?

    Will the world end in 2012 ... Read The 8th Mayan Prophecy!
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